The award ceremony "Sheremedia - 2019"

About project

  • Project: “The duel of eras. The weapon is a feather. ” Under this title, another Sheremedia-2019 award ceremony took place, which paid homage to leading media outlets covering the activities of Sheremetyevo Airport. The event linked the 60-year history of Russia's largest air harbor, receiving a new name in honor of the poet A.S. Pushkin and the work of employees of dozens of important media. The top management of Sheremetyevo International Airport, leading industry, economic and socio-political media (Channel One, Moscow 24, Kommersant, Vedomosti, Forbes and others) were guests and participants of the event, and Partners of the Prize and Award Ceremony steel international airlines based in Sheremetyevo.
  • Client: Sheremetyevo International Airport
  • Date: 27 июня 2019
  • Place: Restaraunt "Svetly"
  • Format: церемония награждения