Intern Picnic Moscow Government 2020

About project

  • Project: Participants of the Intern Picnic 2020 learned about important projects of the capital from their leaders, attended master classes from urbanists and business coaches, received individual career advice and learned how to find a dream job. Several of the most active participants in the event went straight to the final selection for an internship in the Moscow government. The experts said: 1. How to write a resume, which the manager will choose from among thousands, and start a conscious career; 2. What skills will make you an irreplaceable specialist in your field; 3. Who and how follows every step of people on the streets of the capital; 4. How to improve your city and courtyard and make the inhabitants of the metropolis happier; 5. How your mistakes can become a success story and much more
  • Client: MSUU Moscow Government
  • Date: 18 октября 2020
  • Place: Online
  • Guests: More than 2000 people, alumni and students
  • Format: Online Event