Incredible 6 Party

About project

  • Project: In order to celebrate the New Year 2021, a unique platform with interactive rooms, chat and a broadcast player was developed for the company's employees. The case was attended by more than 1000 employees of the company from 6 countries: Russia, Great Britain, Singapore, Mauritius, Cyprus, Latvia. During the broadcast, the company's managers congratulated the employees, video tours of offices from different countries were presented, and an online concert of a musician from Latvia - Rick Feds took place in the final of the broadcast. A Russian-language and English-language platform and broadcast were available. In addition, on the basis of the ROBLOX gaming platform, a whole game world was created with a unique scenario for all participants.
  • Client: ECOMMPAY
  • Date: 18 декабря 2020
  • Place: Online
  • Guests: Company employees, more than 1000 people
  • Format: New Year, Online event, Party