Сonscious actions 2019 | Church by Hair Sekta

About project

  • Client: Hair Sekta
  • Date: 23 ноября 2019
  • Place: Music Media Dome
  • Guests: 1000+ people, stylists, hairdressers, colorists, owners of beauty salons
  • Format: Conference for stylists and hairdressers
The ideological mastermind and customer of the event - stylist and teacher Spartak Kirakosyan - is an extraordinary person. 
A supporter of affordable professional education, a fan of his profession, he spends 90% of his time traveling around Russia and the world, giving lectures and master classes for hairdressers and colorists on hair working techniques in beauty salons. 
He named his company Hair Sekta, devoting all his strength to his profession and associates.
It is common for such a person to deny existing principles and principles, followed by a large audience on Instagram. 
A huge number of hairdressers in Russia and in the world follow his work, dream of meeting and adopting some of his knowledge and professional techniques.

Based on the customer’s personal brand, his personal characteristics, courage and charisma, the agency suggested styling the conference as a real temple. A temple is a place where people find answers to their questions, where they connect in a common faith, where they find their way. That was the event The Church by Sekta.