Business show FNDMNT

About project

  • Project: The FNDMNT is a non-profit agency project. The first business show in Russia about those who support and transform business from within. On February 4, 2021, internal communications specialists from eight different companies spoke openly about how work changed during the pandemic and after it, what methods of communication with people had to be invented in 2020, how intracoms saved their companies last March and how they are going now return employees to the office. The speakers of the project were the heads and leading managers for internal communications of BAT Russia,, Avito, Home Credit Bank, Moscow Exchange, Oil Company LUKOIL, Dodo Brands and Group. We turned a serious conversation into a light, interesting show. The program consisted of three blocks, which made it possible to maintain the dynamics and the audience's interest: "Open conversation", "Sharp question" and "Super game".
  • Date: 04 февраля 2021
  • Place: Online
  • Format: Conference, Online Event, Business Event